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Once you have your puppy the new puppy consultation will give clarity and guide you through the most important developmental stage of your dog’s life.

Many owners of new puppies have concerns and questions, with the new puppy consultation it’s designed to create a smooth transition from collecting your puppy from the breeder to introducing it to your home and the routines of your lifestyle.

The domestication of the dog meant that they live in a human world which is in many ways unnatural to them. Dogs have no concept of traffic and rules and the need for them not to roam. Understanding the world from the dogs point helps us to understand how they interrupt our world.

The consultation helps the owner to understand how dogs and puppy’s learn and how they process our world. Also covered within the consultation is communication, how dogs communicate with each other through body language but also how we communicate with the puppy and the legal responsibility of owning a dog


Things that are covered:


• How puppy’s and dogs learn

• Feeding routines

• Introducing puppies to existing dogs

• Common puppy  behaviours (Chewing)

• House training

• Car training

• Socialisation and how to structure and manage it

• Puppy’s and young children

• Basic puppy training including sits, down, come, leaves and go to bed.

• The legal requirements of owning a dog



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