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Many behaviours which dogs exhibit although are unnatural to us and society, are in fact natural to the dog if the dog was in its natural habitat. Dogs although domesticated still carry many instinctive behaviours which are unacceptable to us still exist with the dog today. Behaviours such as food scavenging and hunting are all instinctive behaviours.

To change a dogs behaviour enabling society to be more accepting sometimes dogs with behavioural problems need to be placed on a behavioural program to modify the dogs behaviour and create harmony between the dog and its owner and also the environment with which the dog is in.

Although many behaviours are natural a good number are also learned and understanding the difference helps to not only solve why the unwanted behaviour became established but also to resolve the issue exhibited.


Behaviour consultations are generally conducted within the client’s home environment, in doing so this help to build a clear picture of the unwanted behaviour in the dogs familiar surroundings.

During the consultation the dog’s history and lifestyle will be discussed to then give a probable cause for the behaviour. In understanding the cause of the behaviour ensures that such behaviours can be avoided in the dog’s future.

To enable the client to manage their dog and allow the retraining of the unwanted behaviour, hands on practical work is also conducted giving the handler the knowledge and techniques to aid them in modifying their dog’s behaviour.


A detailed explanation of dog psychology and how dogs learn will be given with relevance to the problem behaviour presented


The consultation lasts around 2 -3 hours after which a detailed report is sent to the client detailing the cause of the problem and behaviour modification techniques along with other relevant programs.


Some common behaviour problems which can be addressed are:


• Jumping up

• Overly boisterous dog

• Lack of recall

• Separation anxiety

• Car issues

• Excessive barking

• Stealing



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