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Aggression in any form is serious, owning a dog which is involved in a fight  has implications not only towards the dog but also for the owner, with current dog laws owners have a legal responsibility to have their dogs under control at all times especially when in public.

Dogs can exhibit aggression towards each other in many ways, snarling, lunging or even the silent stare. As unacceptable as they are in today’s modern world, these behaviours are all natural canine language.

Having a correctly socialised dog which is well mannered and trained ensure that such incidents never occur, however for dogs which are aggressive towards other dogs it’s important that we as owners communicate to the dog through training what we expect. During the consultation advice is given through behaviour modification programs enabling us to communicate effectively and clearly what we expect from the dog in any given situation that the dog and owner may encounter in the future.


After the initial contact a questionnaire will be sent as to begin to build a picture of the dog’s behaviours. This must be returned prior to visit.

Behaviour consultations are generally conducted within the client’s home environment, in doing so this help to build a clear picture of the unwanted behaviour in the dogs familiar surroundings.

Within the dogs natural environment the dog will be observed in action as enable rob to observe the dogs response to the stimuli. In certain cases behaviour modification programs maybe be sent up to 2 weeks prior to the visit so the dogs behaviour can addressed before the any formal training begins.


To enable the client to manage their dog and allow the retraining of the unwanted behaviour, a detailed explanation of dog psychology and how dogs learn will be given with relevance to the problem behaviour then hands on practical work will also be conducted giving the handler the knowledge and techniques to aid them in modifying their dog’s behaviour


The consultation lasts around 2 -3 hours after which a detailed report is sent to the client detailing the cause of the problem and behaviour modification techniques along with other relevant programs.



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